SJAI at a glance

Sinar Jaya Agro Investama produces high quality sustainable crude palm oil, palm kernel and palm kernel oil grown on our own plantations. Our operations are fully integrated, producing our own seed and planting, cultivating and harvesting its own land and processing and refining palm oil.

Sinar Jaya Inti Mulya

PT Sinar Jaya Inti Mulya (PT. SJIM) is one of SJAI palm kernel manufacturers which specialises in cultivating palm kernel into Crude Palm Kernel Oil (CPKO). PT. SJIM is GMP+ certified to ensure the output meets the quality required to be exported.

Utama Agrindo Mas

PT. Utama Agrindo Mas began operation 2010, and started land clearing and nurseries a year later. Now, Its operation covers 2.000 ha of oil palm plantation from 6.500 ha of land bank.


SJAI is an Indonesian Group Holding with primary activities in palm oil industries. We are a fully-integrated agro-industrial establishment with palm plantations, palm oil mill, palm kernel crushing plant and manufacturing plant.


We believe that palm oil can be produced responsibly and sustainably – creating livelihoods and opportunities for thousands in the provinces where we operate and helping to address a range of economic, environmental and social challenges.

SJAI Donate PPE and Necessities to Residents in North Lampung

A social service ceremony was held on Thursday, April 23rd, 2020 for the hand over of PPE (Personal Protective...

SJAI Hand Over PPE Donation in Metro—Lampung

On April 17th 2020, the management of PT Sinarjaya Inti Mulya handed over assistance in the form of 200 pieces of...

SJAI Hand Over PPE Donation in Sampit

On April 15th 2020, the management of PT Sinarjaya Inti Mulya handed over assistance in the form of 100 pieces of...


The process of cultivation of our oil palms begins with the selection of seeds. We operate an efficient best-practice fertilisation system for our oil palms to ensure maximum returns.


We harvest the Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB) of our oil palms only when they indicate peak ripeness. It is critical in maximising the quality and quantity of palm oil extraction.


Our palm oil mill process includes 6 parts: Fresh fruit bunches receiving, sterilising, threshing, mashing and pressing, crude oil clarifying and palm kernel recovery.


Through strategically located bulk installations and transportation assets, SJAI provides an efficient logistics solution for our customers.

PT. Anaktuha Sawit Mandiri

PT. Anaktuha Sawit Mandiri is built to process fresh palm fruit bunch into crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel.

Muko-muko Indah Lestari

Located in Bengkulu, PT Muko-muko Indah Lestari processes fresh palm fruit bunches into Crude Plam Oil and Palm Kernel.

PT. Surya Jaya Agrindo Perkasa

Established in 2006, PT. Surya Jaya Agrindo Perkasa has been in full operation on its palm oil plantation since 2012.

PT. Segara Transindo Mandiri

Established in 2009 as logistic operator that aims to transport crude palm oil (CPO) from one to another company within SJAI Holding.


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