Crude Palm Oil


Crude palm oil is the oil extracted from palm kernels before it is purified. The color of pulp is red. That’s why crude palm oil is naturally similar to pulp color because of high inactive vitamin A content. There are several steps in the process of Crude Palm Oil production. Firstly, the fruits are sterilised by using hot steam to kill micro-organisms that may lead to poor oil quality. Afterwards, the fruits are stripped of the branches and then crushed and heated to a pulp. Finally, a hydraulic press is used to extract the oil from the crushed fruits, producing crude palm oil.

Crude palm oil can be used in various ways, including a variety of non-food processing. It is found in common daily products such as candles, soaps, cosmetics, rubber products and industrial lubricants. Due to long growing season, crude palm oil is the most sustainable oil compare to other vegetable oils. As production continues to increase, it is likely that more industries will turn to crude palm oil in their manufacturing processes.