SJAI has recently made a noteworthy addition to their fleet with the introduction of the Cavalo Marinho 12. This remarkable vessel offers a host of advantages to enhance efficiency and sustainability in the crude oil supply chain.

With an imposing overall length of nearly 90 meters and an expansive width of 20 meters, the Cavalo Marinho 12 stands as an impressive testament to SJAI’s commitment to modernization and operational excellence. These substantial dimensions provide ample deck space for the efficient loading, transport, and unloading of crude oil, ensuring a streamlined and productive process.

At the heart of this innovative vessel are two powerful engines, delivering an astounding 1658 horsepower. This formidable propulsion system empowers the Cavalo Marinho 12 to navigate through various water conditions with ease, ensuring the timely and secure delivery of palm oil to its destination.

What truly sets the Cavalo Marinho 12 apart is its remarkable cargo capacity, boasting an impressive 4900 metric tons (MT). This expansive cargo capacity allows for the efficient transportation of large quantities of crude oil, reducing the need for multiple trips and minimizing environmental impact.

By employing the Cavalo Marinho 12 in their operations, SJAI demonstrates a commitment to sustainable and efficient crude oil transportation. This vessel offers the potential to reduce transportation costs, minimize environmental impact, and streamline the supply chain, contributing to a more responsible and eco-friendly industry.